Yoga Classes in Warsaw, Carrollton, Owenton, & Northern KY

Yoga Classes


At Sanctuary Yoga, LLC, we offer several styles of yoga classes. 

Yin Yoga

Yin is an introspective, meditative class, as we practice postures (mostly seated) in a passive way. Traditional yoga classes work the muscles. But yin allows us to work deep into the connective tissues in the joints, including fascia, to help improve range of motion, practice self-compassion and discernment, and develop patience, endurance, and mental strength.

In vinyasa yoga class, we move through a series of flows to help build strength and stamina, increase flexibility, and improve endurance, synchronizing the movement of the breath with the movement of the pose.

Vinyasa Flow

Gentle Hatha

In gentle yoga, we move through a series of seated and standing asanas (postures) at a moderate pace while focusing on breath work. "Gentle" doesn't necessarily mean easy, although all levels are welcome, including beginners. It simply means the focus is more on stretching and not on getting a workout. Hatha yoga means our practice will be active and not passive like yin.

Chair Yoga

Our chair yoga class mimics our gentle hatha yoga classes but is set in a chair. Great for all ages, especially seniors, people who have a hard time standing for periods of time, and those who work at a desk daily and want to learn how to stay mobile while seated.










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